How To Activate a New MCB Account

How To Activate a New MCB Account

What is MCB Account?

MCB One is a unique all-in-one Current Account that caters to the diverse banking needs of all customers. It provides affordability and flexibility, while empowering customers to manage all their banking needs through a wide range of free banking services. • Free Debit Card. • Free Intercity Transactions.

How To Activate a New MCB Account

You can activate MCB Live for financial transactions by: Using an activation link along with activation code that you will receive via SMS or Email after 48 Hours of your registration. Or by simply calling MCB Contact Center at 111-000-622.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my MCB account?

Once an account turns ‘Dormant’, Customer can re-activate the account by providing duly filled and signed ‘REQUEST FOR RE-ACTIVATION OF DORMANT ACCOUNT’ [click here for template] to his/ her Account Maintaining Branch through following means and channels: By visiting the Branch. Through registered email ID.

How do I activate my MCB card?

You may activate your card in the following ways:

  1. Through JuicebyMCB.
  2. Via our ATMs by doing any transaction such as checking the account or withdrawing of money.
  3. By calling us on +230 202 5010.
  4. By visiting your nearest MCB branch.

What do I need to open a Current account?

  1. National ID card or Passport.
  2. Minimum deposit to open your Current account: Rs. 1,000.
  3. Proof of address (CEB, CWA or MT bill). If the bill is in another person’s name, please bring along an authorization letter from this person together with a copy of his/her National ID card.

What are the requirements for MCB account?

A duly attested copy of either driving license, service card, Nikkah Nama, birth certificate, Educational degree/certificate, pension book, insurance certificate. A copy of CNIC without photograph duly attested by the same person who attested the photograph.

How to activate MCB account online?

By clicking on the hyper link in the email sent to you by the Bank, you will receive an activation confirmation. Enter the User-ID and Password as received in your email (User ID & Password are case sensitive). Create new password of your choice.

How can I open MCB account in Mobile?

Call our Call Centre at 111-000-622 to speak to an agent. After verifying your information you will be activated and a link will be sent via SMS to generate the mobile login pin. 5. Visit to start transacting.

How do I deposit money into my MCB account?

You can deposit funds in to your MCB Lite Mobile Wallet by visiting your nearest MCB Bank Branch. You will be required to fill out a Deposit Slip, a copy of which you will keep as proof of deposit.

What is the minimum balance in MCB current account?

Required monthly average balance PKR 50,000. Unlimited withdrawals & deposits.

What is the limit of MCB live account?

Transaction Limits for Biometrically verified Users:

Sr. No.TransactionMax Per Trx. Amount (PKR)
1FT/IBFT/RAAST (Low Risk)500,000
2Bill Payment
3MFBs/EMIS (High Risk)10,000

How much does it cost to open a MCB account?

100 as initial deposit? MCB Asaan Accounts should be opened with minimum of initial deposit i.e. Rs. 100. However; the customer would have discretion to request the bank to deposit any amount over and above Rs.