How To Activate a New Lebara SIM

How To Activate a New Lebara SIM

What is Lebara SIM?

Lebara is a telecommunications company providing services using the mobile virtual network operator business model in the United Kingdom, France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland and Australia.

How To Activate a New Lebara SIM

If you’d like to bring your number across to Lebara, tick ‘PORT IN’ If you require any assistance, feel free to call us at 1300 126 122. You can also activate by calling us at 126122 or 1300 126 122. After you purchase a Starter Pack, you have 60 days to activate your SIM before it expires.

Frequently sked Questions

Does Lebara SIM expire?

Lebara SIM card and numbers are valid for up to 180 days (6 months) without any usage or top up made. If it has been more than 6 months since you’ve last used the SIM card, the number has expired and you’ll not be able to have it re-opened. However you can order a new free SIM card and number here.

What is the verification code for Lebara?

You will get a text with an 8 digit verification code, that you need to enter when you register your account. You will also receive a text with a pin i.e. 1234. Make sure to keep these text messages. You may need to turn your phone off and then back on, for the simcard to work.

Does Lebara have an app?

Lebara mobile app has good features

App gives account information and allows top up, bolt ons for data or mobile minutes.

How to recharge Lebara SIM?

To top up your Lebara account by phone, dial 5588. Then, select twice the first option by pressing 1 twice in a row. You will reach the payment section and will have to follow the instructions to pay by credit/debit card. You will receive a confirmation text to ensure that your top-up went through.

Is WhatsApp free on Lebara?

We also offer up to Unlimited Data on our SIM-Only plans, so you can use apps like WhatsApp without worrying about racking up a huge phone bill.

Does Lebara have WIFI calling?

Not all do, so check with your provider if Wi-Fi calling is available on your plan – if you’re with Lebara, you’re good to go. Turn on Wi-Fi calling: Go to the Settings menu and then head to Phone > Wi-Fi Calling and then toggle ‘Wi-Fi Calling on This Phone’ to the ON position.

How to recharge Lebara with code?

Dial *#1345* and enter the 12 or 14-digit voucher number, followed by # then press the call button. You can also top-up via the MyLebara app, or buy a top-up voucher or scratch card from your local shop. Just so you know, entering the wrong voucher or scratch card number could block your top-up service.

How to load Lebara SIM online?

To top up your Lebara plan simply select the amount you need and enter your phone number. You can pay with many trusted payment methods, such as PayPal. When the payment is complete, your balance will be topped up immediately! Top up your mobile plan on

How many Lebara Sims can I have?

two SIM cards

Whether you pick a pure dual SIM or hybrid SIM card phone, you can pick one or two SIM cards from Lebara for use in your device.

How do I activate 4G on Lebara?

When you subscribe to a monthly plan, you do not have to do anything, the activation of 4G + is automatic and you can immediately enjoy the speed of the 4G + network.