How To Activate a New Jazz SIM

How To Activate a New Jazz SIM

What is Jazz SIM?

Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (PMCL), doing business as Jazz, (Urdu: جاز) is Pakistan’s largest mobile network and internet services provider formed by the merger of Mobilink and Warid Pakistan.

How To Activate a New Jazz SIM

Please dial *583# for Super 4G service activation for FREE. Please note that by activating 4G, 2G and 3G services will also be activated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jazz and warid the same?

ISLAMABAD: Mobilink officially confirmed on Monday that it has given up its brand name and will now be called as Jazz after its merger with Warid in late 2015.

How much Jazz SIM cost?


CustomerHome Delivery Prices
Convert to JazzPKR 500/MNP
Change of SIMPKR 600/SIM
JazzCash Mobile Wallet RegistrationPKR 300/Mobile wallet

What is the number of jazz SIM card?

Check Jazz Number Using SMS

Visit the app for messages on your phone. Write the MNP within the body of the message and then send it to 667. It will send you a notification within a couple of minutes, containing all details about your sim including the number of your mobile, sim owner’s name, and activation date.

What is jazz new SIM code?

To avail free incentives and BOR customer must dial *191# within 180 days of new sale and port-in.

Which country made Jazz sim?

Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited (PMCL), doing business as Jazz, (Urdu: جاز) is Pakistan’s largest mobile network and internet services provider formed by the merger of Mobilink and Warid Pakistan. June 1994 as a joint venture between Saif Group and Motorola Inc.

How can I get jazz SIM offer?

Sim Offer

  1. Subscription Fee Rs.78 (Incl. Tax)
  2. Subscription Code *476#
  3. Validity Weekly.
  4. Offer Eligibility Offer available for 3 months after purchase of new sim.

What is * 145 * code Jazz?

The Jazz branded Coca-Cola bottles, available at stores across Pakistan, provide consumers of the widely popular drink a chance to win unlimited Jazz Super 4G data by dialing in the code available at the back of each bottle’s label. Just dial *145*insert code# from the phone for a chance to win.

What is the Whatsapp number of Jazz?


Type message Hi to 0300-3008000 and get an instant reply to your information related to: Billing & monthly invoice. Package & incentives.

How can I talk to Jazz?

Contact us

  1. Helpline: 111.
  2. Email:
  3. Fax: (042) 111-301-301.
  4. Any nearest Jazz Experience Center.

How can I transfer balance in Jazz?

Share balance with your loved ones

  1. Usage Dial *100*03XXXXX*amount#
  2. Usage Dial *100*<9230XXXXXXXX>* amount#
  3. Charges Rs 7.50 (incl. tax)/Transaction.
  4. Max Share Limit Rs 500/Transaction.
  5. Max amount transferred per day Rs.500.