How To Activate a New ICICI Debit Card

How To Activate a New ICICI Debit Card

What is ICICI Debit Card?

Your ICICI Bank MasterCard World debit card allows you to track your spends on a regular basis. The details of the purchases made on your card, along with the date, merchant name and amount are mentioned in your bank statement.

How To Activate a New ICICI Debit Card

  1. Using iMobile App:
  2. Step 1: Login to your account on the iMobile app and go to ‘Services’.
  3. Step 2: Click on the ‘Card PIN Services’ and select the ‘Generate Debit Card PIN’ option.
  4. Step 3: Choose your account and debit card numbers and enter CVV.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I activate my Icici replacement card?

How to Activate ICICI Credit Card

  1. Login to your ICICI net banking account.
  2. Click on ‘My Accounts’.
  3. Select ‘Credit Cards’.
  4. Click on ‘Generate Credit Card PIN Online’.
  5. ICICI bank will then send an OTP to your registered mobile number.
  6. Enter the OTP and click on ‘Continue’.
  7. Enter a 4-digit credit card PIN of your choice.

How can I generate my Icici debit card PIN through ATM first time?

Step 1: Go to any ICICI Bank ATM. Step 2: Swipe your card and select the ‘PIN Generation’ option. Step 3: Click on “Create/Change PIN” from the other options, such as withdrawal, check balance, and so on. Step 4: The bank will send an OTP to the registered mobile number.

Can Icici debit card be activated online?

You can enable your card for International/Online transactions 24X7 by following any of these options: Log in to iMobile > Services > Card Services > Modify Debit Card Limit. Log in to Internet Banking > Service Requests > Bank Accounts > ATM/Debit Card Related > Increase/decrease Debit Card Limit.

Which type of debit card is best in Icici?

Top ICICI Debit Cards in November 2023

Debit CardDaily Limits
ICICI Titanium Debit CardATM Withdrawals: Rs. 1 Lakh Shopping: Rs. 1.5 Lakh
ICICI Bank Sapphiro Debit CardATM Withdrawal: Rs. 2.5 Lakh Domestic Shopping: Rs. 7.5 Lakh International Shopping: Rs. 3 Lakh

Can Icici Bank debit card be used internationally?

Yes, it is secure to use your card globally as : ICICI Bank issues EMV chip debit cards for international usage. These cards have all card data encrypted in a micro chip, which is difficult to duplicate.

Is Icici Bank debit card free?

There is no fee for using your debit card for retail or online transactions. However, under certain merchant categories like railways and fuel, a fee may be levied by the merchant on every purchase. To know international debit card transaction charges, please click here.

What is the benefit of Icici World debit card?

The NRI World Debit Card is bundled with benefits that complement your way of life. Enjoy unmatched privileges, be it the access to premier golf courses, airport lounges or complimentary stay at 5-star properties in India. Topped with the special privileges on Hertz – the general-use car rental brand.

Is Icici debit card Visa or Mastercard?

We are pleased to introduce the ‘ICICI Bank Private Banking Visa Infinite Debit Card’, comes with privileges, conveniences and benefits that suit your lifestyle.

What is the fee for Icici debit card?

Expressions Coral Debit Card- Rs. 799/- (Plus 18% GST) and an annual fee of Rs.799/- (Plus 18% GST) from second year onwards. Expressions Sapphiro Debit Card- Rs. 4999/- (Plus 18% GST) and an annual fee of Rs.4999/- (Plus 18% GST) from second year onwards.

How can I convert my Icici debit card to international card?

Step 1: The customer has to first ensure that his/her mobile number is registered with ICICI Bank. Step 2: To activate their international usage on their ICICI Bank debit card, all that the customer has to do is to message INTL to 5676766.

How much does Icici charge for international transaction?

ICICI charges and fees for receiving money internationally

CurrencyCharge/ fees
45,000 – 90,000 INR from UK0.60%
Above 90,000 INR from UK0.50%
Upto 500 GBP0.65%
500 – 1,000 GBP0.60%