How To Activate a New GoTV

How To Activate a New GoTV

What is GoTV?

GOtv is a pay television terrestrial service in sub-Saharan Africa owned by broadcaster MultiChoice and launched on 5 September 2011. It mainly consists of African and international programming.

How To Activate a New GoTV

To activate your account, type “activate (IUC number)” and send to 4688. To reset your account, type “reset (IUC number)” and. “due (IUC number)” to check your due date send to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my GOtv after paying?

Activation via text messages

The only thing you will have to do is to type your reset GOTV account number to the 4688. And that’s all, the process of activating GOTV after payment.

What is the USSD code for GOtv?

Through USSD Code

This method is used in case you are not using an Android, Apple, or iOS device. For a quick subscription route for GOtv, just dial *288# on your call keypad, then send.

What is the GOtv call Centre number?

Dial *288# on your mobile.

Can I watch GOtv on my phone?

Enter the GO TV app – watch your favourite channels on any device be it your mobile, tablet or browser, Android Smart TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, Samsung TV or LG TV. Download the app now.

Why isn t my GOTV app working?

Make sure your Wifi or Internet Connection is Smooth, you can also try several types of connections to make sure it’s not because of a problematic connection. This will refresh the app and may help resolve the issue. Open the Settings app on the device.

What is E48 32 on GOtv?

Here i will share with you how to solve Gotv E48-32(searching for signal Error Message). This is a very common problem with many Gotv Decoders, has this is caused by maybe a change in the position of the antenna but it does occur sometime even when the antenna is in Good Shape.

Why is my GOtv not showing all the channels I paid for?

First, it could be because your signal strength is weak or your decoder needs to be reset. Below are steps on how to search all channels on GOtv. Switch on your GOtv decoder and wait to complete the booting process. Press the help button to open the menu on your GOtv remote.

How do I pay for my GOtv package?

To pay for your GOtv subscription log onto your mobile banking application and follow these easy steps:

  1. Login onto Mobile banking.
  2. Select Pay Utilities.
  3. Select GOtv.
  4. Enter your IUC number.
  5. Enter the amount you want to pay.
  6. Select the linked bank account to service the payment.
  7. Enter the PIN number of the bank account selected.

How do I pay my balance on GOtv?

  1. Dial *525#
  2. Select 1.
  3. Enter Pin.
  4. Select 5 (Bill Payment)
  5. Enter TV Account Number.
  6. Select bouquet.
  7. Confirm account.
  8. Confirm transaction.

How do I speak to a GOtv agent in Ghana?

Facebook and Twitter

  1. MultiChoice Ghana Limited, No 8 Basko Lane Off George walker Bush Highway.
  2. Tel: +233 302 740 540.
  3. Email: