How To Activate a New Gizmo Watch

How To Activate a New Gizmo Watch

What is Gizmo Watch?

The Verizon GizmoWatch 2 is a kid-friendly smartwatch designed with your child’s safety in mind. Call or text your kids anytime to see when to pick them up or what they want for dinner.

How To Activate a New Gizmo Watch

  1. Power the watch on by pressing the. Power button.
  2. Open the. GizmoHub app.
  3. Tap the. Checkmark icon.
  4. From the ‘Let’s Get Started!
  5. Enter your email address and password, then tap.
  6. Add Your Child’s Info.
  7. Add Child.
  8. Add Gizmo.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a gizmo QR Code?

NOTE: • The QR Code will only appear on the GizmoWatch after the device is activated. Refer to “Pairing Your GizmoWatch to the GizmoHub App”. To obtain the phone number on the GizmoWatch, see “View GizmoWatch information”.

How much does it cost to activate a GizmoWatch?

You do have to pay a $35 activation fee for any of the GizmoWatches. And don’t forget the Verizon service plan, which runs around $10 per month.

How do I activate GizmoPal 2?

Turning your GizmoPal 2 on: Press and hold the Playbutton until all of the icons light up and your GizmoPal 2 says “Hello”. turning your GizmoPal 2 off: Press and hold the Playbutton until the voice prompts you to press the Playbutton again to turn off your GizmoPal 2.

Is A GizmoWatch waterproof?

The GizmoWatch is rated IP67 according to the Ingress Protection rating system, which means it has light dust protection and is water resistant to splashes. If the device gets wet, water may remain in gaps of the main unit. Shake the product well to drain water.

Does the gizmo have a SIM card?

GizmoTab – Insert / Remove SIM Card

Instructions on inserting/removing your SIM can help with activation issues / errors, browser connection problems and a blank or frozen screen. Don’t attempt to insert/remove the SIM card while your GizmoTab™ is powered on. Doing so may harm the SIM card and/or the device.

Why is my gizmo not pairing?

If you are having trouble pairing your Gizmo Watch 3 during setup, perform a Factory Data Reset. Prior to activating your Gizmo Watch 3, ensure: The companion smartphone is connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network.

What to do if gizmo watch won t turn on?

If your watch is unresponsive or can’t be powered on, reset the device using the GizmoHub App.

Can you use a gizmo with a phone?

It’s necessary for the Gizmo Watch 3 to link to the caregiver’s Android™ Smartphone or Apple® iPhone® for the device to function properly; however, the smartphone doesn’t need to be connected to the Verizon network.

How do I connect my gizmo to my phone?

Then download and install the GizmoHub app on that person’s smartphone from the Google Play Store (Android OS 4.0 or higher) or the Apple App Store (iOS 7 or higher). Data usage may apply for app download and use. 4. Once you download the app, tap on the bottom of the watch screen to continue.

What age is the GizmoWatch for?

The GizmoWatch age range is 3 – 11 years old. Can you send text messages on the GizmoWatch? Yes. Parents can enter a list of 10 pre-approved contacts for children to send and receive messages.