How To Activate a New Ghana Bank Account

How To Activate a New Ghana Bank Account

What is Bank Account?

A financial account maintained by a bank for a customer is said to be a bank account. It represents the funds entrusted by a customer to the financial institution and the customers can make withdrawals from it.

How To Activate a New Ghana Bank Account

  1. Step1. Visit the branch and submit written application with your signature a sper operating instructions in the account.
  2. Step2. Submit self-attested proof of identity and address. Step3.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which bank account is best in Ghana?

Euromoney Awards, one of the most coveted global awards in the banking and financial sector, has adjudged Access Bank Ghana Plc as the ‘Best Bank’ in Ghana for the first time. The prestigious award was announced at the 2023 Euromoney Banking Awards for Excellence in Northumberland Avenue, London.

How do I open a GCB account online?

Application requirements

  1. One passport-sized photograph.
  2. Valid photo identity (Passport /Driver’s License / Voter ID).
  3. Proof of residential and postal address (any of the following): Utility bill. Tenancy agreement. Employer’s reference letter.
  4. Initial minimum balance to be maintained at all times.

Which is the safest bank in Ghana?


What is the minimum balance for GCB account?

The initial deposit for individual savings account opening is GH¢10.00 with the minimum operating balance set at GH¢5.00. To start earning interest one’s balance should be above GH¢50.00.

Which account is best for students in Ghana?

Solo is a savings account that allows people, especially students to save towards their future while providing them the opportunity to access world-class financial services.

What are the requirements for opening a bank account at GCB?

Application requirements for Individuals:

Valid photo identity (Passport / Driver’s License / Voter ID / SSNIT Biometric card ). Proof of residential and postal addresses (a copy of any of the following): Utility bill (water or electricity) Tenancy agreement.

Which bank in Ghana has the lowest charges?

  • Access Bank. GH¢3 – GH¢5p/m. Bank of Africa. GH¢3 p/m. Consolidated Bank. GH¢ 5.00 – GH¢ 10.00 p/m, SMS/ E-Alerts & USSD Mobile Banking Only: GH¢ 2.00 p/m. …
  • GCB Bank. GH¢5 p/m. Guaranty Trust Bank. GH¢2 p/m. National Investment Bank. …
  • Prudential Bank. GH¢ 5p/m(ind), GH¢ 10p/m(cor) Republic Bank. GH¢3p/m(ind) United Bank for Africa.

What is GCB salary account?

Salary Account is a current account opened solely for employees to receive their salaries.

What is GCB interest rate?

Whatever your need, we can help.

Features & BenefitsSavings AccountFlexsave Account
Internet Banking
Email Alerts
SMS Alerts
Interest Rates4% per annum5% per annum

Can I open a bank account without Ghana card?

Why should I register? What can the card be used for? The Non-citizen Ghana card is mandatory for various transactional purposes where a form of identification is needed e.g.; opening and running a bank account, applying for or renewing residence or work permit, registering a car etc.