How To Activate a New Electric Key

How To Activate a New Electric Key

What are electric keys?

Electric Keys is a cross-platform virtual instrument that delivers authentic sounds of 50 classic, vintage electric keyboard instruments from the last 40 years.

How To Activate a New Electric Key

However if you need to get a new key then you’ll need to get in touch. You can either arrange to collect your new card from a local outlet or we can post it out to you. Once you receive your key you’ll need to put it in your electricity meter to register it before you can take it to be topped up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my electric car not Recognising my key?

The simple way to troubleshoot the problem is to replace the dead batteries with new ones. After you change the batteries, the key fob should start working, provided there are no other issues. Damage to the key fob: The key fob/remote comprises electronic components such as a chip, batteries, etc.

What to do if your electricity key stops working?

Give your key a clean

You’ll usually get you new key within five working days. Need a new key in a hurry? Get in touch – we might be able to arrange for you to pick one up at your local top-up outlet.

Can you top up electric without key?

Topping up your prepayment meter. Prepayment meter credit is topped up using a key or card. You can top up your credit at the Post Office and shops where Payzone or PayPoint is offered. If you have a smart prepayment meter, you can also top up with a mobile app or other device.

Can you put emergency electric on without key?

To access your Emergency Credit you must have the key or card in the meter. You’ll need to pay back the Emergency Credit next time you top up, and any remainder will be put on as credit. If you use all your Emergency Credit and don’t top up to replace it, you may not have an energy supply until you have repaid it.

What is the maximum amount you can put on an electric key?

How much credit can I put on my top-up key and electricity prepayment meter (not smart)? Your prepayment meter can hold up to £249 of credit. You can add anything from £1 up to £49 onto your key each time you go to the Payzone, PayPoint or Post Office outlet (whole pounds only).

What happens if the key is not detected?

A dead battery in your key fob means it can’t broadcast the signal the ignition system is looking for. If your car or truck can’t detect the correct signal, then the ignition will remain locked, and you won’t be able to start your car with the fob in your pocket

Can I use a different electric key in my meter?

Traditional prepayment meters are programmed by the key or card that you use to top up. This means that if you top up using a key or card from a previous supplier, you’ll still be paying their unit rates and standing charges.

What happens if I top up the wrong electric key?

If you’re using your old supplier’s key or card then you’ll be on the wrong rates, which means you might be paying more than you need.

How do you charge an electric key?

How to top up a prepayment meter. It’s easy to top up at a Payzone, PayPoint or Post Office outlet. You can find your nearest outlet on their respective websites. Just hand them your key or card with the amount of money you want to top up.

Where can I get a new electric key?

If there’s no error message on your electricity meter, you have lost your key or your key isn’t working at your local Payzone, you will need a new Key. Contact our Pay as you go team who will give you an RTI reference number and then after 30 minutes you can go to your nearest Payzone Super Agent and collect a new key.

Do electric keys have batteries?

Key fobs and other auto remotes are battery-powered. That means that when the battery inside them runs out of power, it needs to be replaced. If you have a key fob that’s not performing the way it used to, Batteries Plus can help.