How To Activate a New Eftpos Card

How To Activate a New Eftpos Card

What is Eftpos Card?

Essentially, EFTPOS (which stands for ‘Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale’) is a payment method for goods and services. It’s essentially the payment system that enables you to use cards when you make payment, so if you’ve ever paid for shopping with a card, you’ve probably used EFTPOS.

How To Activate a New Eftpos Card

To activate your card, make a purchase in-store by inserting your new card into the eftpos machine and entering your current PIN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the activation code on the eftpos card?

Enter your activation code* to access your card online, this can be found on the back of your gift card.

Do eftpos cards need to be activated?

You’ll then be able to use your card for online and digital wallet transactions, but it will need to be fully activated at a later date in order to use the physical card in store. This can be done by using it at any EFTPOS terminal with your PIN, or by requesting an account balance at an ATM.

How do I use my eftpos card online?

Eftpos cards can’t be used for online purchases, but debit cards can. When using your eftpos card in-store, you can choose SAV or CHQ. With a debit card, you may be able to choose to draw from credit. Some banks charge extra for eftpos purchases or only allow a finite number of free purchases per month.

What is a Eftpos pin?

EFTPOS transactions involving a debit, credit or prepaid card are primarily authenticated via the entry of a personal identification number (PIN) at the point of sale. Historically, these transactions were authenticated by the merchant using the cardholder’s signature, as signed on their receipt.

How do I manually enter my card on Eftpos?

If the pin pad has difficulty in reading the card’s magnetic strip, you will need to enter the cards number manually. This may be achieved by pressing the black, unmarked Function key when the terminal is prompting Enter Card. 3. Enter the card number using the Pin Pad keypad.

How does an eftpos card work?

Unlike credit cards, eftpos doesn’t work using the credit system – instead, the money is withdrawn directly from a bank account. The eftpos payments network works with all ATM or debit cards, provided they’re issued by Australian banks. If you choose CHQ or SAV payment options, these are both examples of eftpos.

Where is the CVV number on a eftpos card?

The three-digit card verification code (CVV or CVC2) is non embossed and typically printed on the signature panel of your card, immediately after the card’s standard number, as show in this example. In some cases you may see the last 4 digits of your card number with the additional 3 digit security code following.

Why is my eftpos card declined?

It may be due to the physical card, the linked account, a connection issue or merchant error. The following are some common reasons which may assist you to understand why your transaction may have declined. The card may be damaged, preventing the terminal from reading the chip or magstripe.

Where can I use my eftpos card?

With the eftpos Gift Card card from The Card Network, you can shop in any store that accepts eftpos within Australia. You read that right! That means you can pair clothes with wine, groceries with garments or homewares with home repairs.

Is EFTPOS a Visa or Mastercard?

Eftpos is Australia’s local debit card network. More than 90% of eftpos cards are co-branded with either Visa or Mastercard, meaning you can process these cards over either network supported by the card.