How To Activate a New Deezer Account

How To Activate a New Deezer Account

What is Deezer Account

Deezer is a music streaming app that gives you access to over 120 million tracks worldwide and other audio content like podcasts. You even get curated recommendations and Deezer Originals exclusives. Listen to music online, collect your favorites, create playlists, and share with friends, all for free.

How To Activate a New Deezer Account

  1. Go to or open the app.
  2. Enter your email address. Double check you’ve entered it correctly!
  3. Enter a username and secure password.
  4. Enter your identity and age.
  5. Select Sign up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many accounts can you have on Deezer?

With Deezer Family, you can connect and manage up to 13 different devices linked with six profiles. This means family users can listen and play music on up to six devices simultaneously.

How do I access my Deezer account?

  1. Go to
  2. Select Log in.
  3. Enter the email address and password associated with your account or log in with Apple ID, Facebook or Google.

How to get free Deezer account?

Signing up to Deezer Free is easy. Simply create an account online or download the app to start listening to music. When you sign in for the first time, you will be asked to choose at least 3 artists for more personalized recommendations. You can select from the artists or genres displayed.

Where are account settings on Deezer?

  • Go to your profile.
  • Select Account Settings.
  • Within the My information tab, under Private information, select Privacy Settings.
  • Select the checkbox to turn each individual setting on or off.
  • Select Save my preferences.

How much money is 1 million streams on Deezer?

In the last evaluation, this value was still 4,776 USD, but at that time there were significantly fewer countries. Comparing only these 66 countries, the PPS has decreased slightly less and results in 4,309.45 USD extrapolated to one million streams.

Can 2 people use the same Deezer account?

Ask the Admin to resend the invite. A maximum of 5 members can be added to a Deezer Family plan on top of the Admin (subscriber). Please ask the Admin to delete or remove members and resend you the invite.

How much does a Deezer account cost?

Enjoy High Fidelity sound and stream across all your devices. Try for free 1 month free then $5.99/month. No commitment, cancel anytime.

Can I use Deezer offline?

Offline mode allows you to listen to your downloaded content on your mobile without an internet connection. Perfect for travel or commuting, you can listen to all your favorite content offline and save data.

How do I claim my song on Deezer?

To claim your artist profile on Deezer, you will need to go to to complete your Deezer for Creators info and then you will be able edit your profile image, bio, social media links and more.

Why can’t I log in to my Deezer account?

You’ll need the Deezer password that was sent to you in the welcome message when you signed up. You can also reset your password through Facebook or Deezer. If you see “Connection to failed” or “Deezer is offline” when using Deezer, check your connection. If you are using mobile data, try switching to WiFi.