How To Activate a Navy Federal Credit Card

How To Activate a Navy Federal Credit Card

What is Navy Federal Credit Card?

Navy Federal Credit Union is an American global credit union headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, chartered and regulated under the authority of the National Credit Union Administration. Navy Federal is the largest natural member credit union in the United States, both in asset size and in membership.

How To Activate a Navy Federal Credit Card

Before using your Navy Federal Awards Card, you must first activate your Card by phone at 1-866-809-2679. At the time of activation, you’ll be required to select a four-digit Personal Identification Number (“PIN”).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my Navy Federal card online?

Debit cards can be easily activated via app, online, or by giving us a call. Mobile App: Sign in to your Navy Federal mobile app, choose the checking account associated with your debit card and select “manage card”. Under card management choose, “activate card”.

How do I activate my federal credit card?

Just tap your card to pay at retail outlets in seconds. Alternatively, you can also activate it through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System by dialling 0484-2630994.

How do I activate my Navy Federal gift card?

If it’s personalized, go to and select ‘Activate. ‘ If there’s no name on your card, it will automatically activate after one business day.

How do I know if my credit card is activated?

One way to check if your card is active is by calling your card issuer’s customer support phone number and asking. This number is usually listed on the back of your card. Besides maybe a few seconds of hold time, this is the quickest and easiest way to check the status of your card.

How can I activate my credit card without calling?

Some card issuers allow you to complete card activation through a mobile app. Other credit card issuers have online banking options to easily activate your credit card online. This means you can activate the credit card without calling the bank or the customer service number.

Can you withdraw money from a Navy Federal credit card?

With your Navy Federal Credit Card, you can get cash advances at ATMs displaying your card’s logo (Visa® or Mastercard®). You will be charged an ATM cash advance fee when you use an ATM not owned by Navy Federal. 6 Our cash advance APR is 2% above your variable APR. the market based on the U.S. Prime Rate.

How much money is on my Navy Federal gift card?

To check your balance online, please visit, enter your username in the “Username” field and click “Sign In”. Please note, if you have not created a username for your gift card, select “Need Username?” under the “Username” field. You may also check the balance by phone at 1-866-262-7438.

How do I check the balance on my Navy Federal Credit card?

Online Account: Log in to your account to view your balance. Mobile App: You can also check it on your smartphone or tablet by using the mobile app. Over the Phone: Call customer service at (888) 842-6328 to have the automated voice system or a customer service representative read your balance.

How do I activate my credit card via SMS?

How to Activate Your Credit Card Via SMS. There are many banks that will allow you to activate your credit cards by sending an SMS to the bank’s customer care number. You will have to check with your bank to see if this option is available.