How To Activate a Kohls Card

How To Activate a Kohls Card

What is a Kohls Card?

The Kohl’s Charge Card offers 7.5% cash back on every purchase, a 35% discount on your first purchase, and other promotions and discounts. However, it has a high APR and can’t be used outside Kohl’s stores. It also lacks other benefits, such as free shipping. This card may be a good choice for regular Kohl’s customers.

How To Activate a Kohls Card

  1. Click the Menu icon.
  2. Click “Manage card” then “Activate card”.
  3. On the sidebar, confirm the card that will be replaced (usually the most recent card issued to you) and your address. …
  4. Click “Replace card”.
  5. Once activated, you’ll see a notification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Kohl’s gift cards have to be activated?

For your protection, gift cards received at Pickup have a zero balance and require at-home activation and payment. After Pickup, visit to activate and pay for your $0 balance card(s).

How do I register my Kohl’s card online?

You will need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit Kohl’s registration page and enter your 12-digit credit card number.
  2. Create your username and password.
  3. Choose the security question you prefer and provide your personal answer.
  4. Click “Submit.”
  5. Open your email for verifying the registration and click on the given link.

How do I use my Kohls store card?

Using a Kohl’s Gift Card or KMC online:

  1. At time of checkout, click on the option to “Add a gift card.”
  2. Enter the card number exactly as it appears in the Gift Card Details section. Enter the four-digit PIN exactly as it appears. (You will need to scratch or peel off the cover.)
  3. Click “Done.”

How do I turn my Kohl’s gift card into cash?

Sell Kohl’s gift cards online at Raise to get cash back for unwanted and unused gift cards. The Raise marketplace offers an easy listing form to sell Kohl’s gift cards. All you have to do is fill out the serial number, PIN, the current balance, and your selling price.

What is the phone number for Kohls activate card?

You can also receive your latest account information 24 hours a day by calling Kohl’s Customer Service at (855) 564-5748 and selecting option ‘2’ from the main telephone menu.

Can I use my Kohls card on my phone?

We know you have a lot to carry with you, so if you don’t have your Kohl’s Card, all you need is your phone! With Kohl’s Pay, you can make purchases at the store using your Kohl’s Card just by taking a picture. You’ll even have your coupons added when you pay.

Can I shop online with my Kohl’s card?

If you are approved for a Kohl’s Card, you can shop at or in-store immediately.

What is Kohl’s highest credit limit?

As with most retail cards, the Kohl’s Card comes with a store credit limit that is typically lower than the credit limits issued on regular credit cards. The amount of credit issued depends on the credit standing of the cardholder and can range from $300 to $3,000, though it tends to be under $1,000 for most people.

Is my Kohls card on the app?

In the Kohl’s App you can see every point you’ve earned, how much until your next Rewards Cash and set expiration reminders. Plus, any Kohl’s Rewards Cash is automatically added to your Wallet. In the App you have a virtual Kohl’s Rewards card, so you always have it with you.

Can you get cash from Kohls card?

You cannot get a cash advance with Kohl’s Credit Card. The Kohl’s Credit Card card can only be used for purchases and only at Kohl’s. The fact that Kohl’s Credit Card cash advances are not an option might actually be a blessing in disguise.