How To Activate a KCB Dormant Account

How To Activate a KCB Dormant Account

what is KCB Dormant Account?

A dormant account is a financial account that shows no activity for a long period of time. Usually, this refers to checking and saving bank accounts that have not had money withdrawn from them for at least months. There are usually penalties for keeping money in dormant accounts without ever withdrawing them.

How To Activate a KCB Dormant Account

Follow the activation prompts on the App by entering your mobile number that is registered for KCB Mobile banking and Mobile banking PIN as required. Enter the code received to complete the activation process. The App is successfully activated, and you can proceed to transact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if your KCB account is dormant?

Here are some steps to reactivate the dormant bank account:

  1. Step 1: Visit the respective bank.
  2. Step 2: Make an application to activate the dormant bank account.
  3. Step 3: The account will be activated on the next business day.

Can I reactivate my dormant account online?

The reactivation process can vary among banks. Some banks may allow online reactivation, while others may require you to visit a branch in person. It’s recommended to check with your bank for their specific procedures.

Can money be deposited in a dormant KCB account?

14.3 You will not be allowed to transact on an inactive or dormant account but we shall, upon your written (e.g letter/email) request, inform you of the procedure to be followed to activate your inactive/dormant accounts.

How do I know if my KCB account is dormant?


Your KCB M-PESA Account will automatically be classified as inactive if you do not initiate any transactions on the account for a continuous period of 12 months.

Can I get my money if my account is dormant?

How Can I Claim My Money From a Dormant Account? Your first step is to contact the bank or other financial institution where you had the account. You’ll need proper identification and you should have some proof that it’s your money, such as a bank statement.

How long can an account stay dormant?

After enough time has passed the account can be deemed unclaimed property. State law can dictate when a bank account is considered to be dormant and what happens to the money in it. A typical time frame is three to five years, though again, the rules can depend on where you live.

Will dormant account close automatically?

Generally, a bank considers an account “abandoned” if the account holder fails to initiate any activity over a three- to five-year period, or if the account holder hasn’t contacted the bank during that time. The bank is usually required to contact the account holder if it decides to close the account.

How long does a dormant account last?

If you have an account with a credit institution and you make no transactions on it for 15 years, it becomes a dormant account. Credit institutions include banks, building societies and An Post. Credit institutions must contact you if you have not made a transaction on your account in 15 years or more.

Where does dormant account money go?

Financial institutions are required to transfer the money held in dormant accounts to the state’s treasury after the accounts have been dormant for a certain period of time. The amount of time varies by state.

How do banks handle dormant accounts?

Then, the bank or credit union will usually place the dormant account into a restricted status. This allows only certain employees to access the account, thereby reducing the risk of embezzlement. After a set period, the bank or credit union will close the account, and funds are escheated to the state’s treasury.