How To Activate a Juul

How To Activate a Juul

What s Juul?

Juul Labs, Inc. is an American electronic cigarette company that spun off from Pax Labs in 2017. Juul Labs makes the Juul electronic cigarette, which atomizes nicotine salts derived from tobacco supplied by one-time use cartridges.

How To Activate a Juul

Remove the coloured cap from the JUUL pod. Then insert the pod into the main JUUL device. You hear a click once it fits in to place. You don’t need to press anything, just inhale through the top of the pod (it should be fully charged when first taken out of the pack).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you activate a new JUUL?

How Does A JUUL Device Work? Discover Our Vape Kits | JUUL
No buttons required to turn it on; simply draw on the mouthpiece. Tap device twice gently to show battery life.

How do I get my JUUL to work?

Firstly, ensure that your device’s battery is charged, and also make sure that your JUUL pod is not empty. Assuming everything is okay on this front, a JUUL not hitting is caused by connection issues. Using a dry cotton swab, wipe down the connection points between the device and the pod.

Do you have to fully charge JUUL before first use?

Yes, it’s necessary to charge your vape pen battery before using it for the first time or if the battery has been completely drained. Most vape pen batteries are rechargeable and come with a charging cable that you can use to connect to a power source, such as a USB port or a wall adapter.

Why is my brand new JUUL not charging?

If the LED light is not pulsing white when connected to the USB Charging Dock, check the connectors between the device and charging dock or switch to another power source. If your JUUL Device is still not charging and is within the warranty period, age-verified adult consumers can request a warranty claim.

How long can a JUUL last?

The simple answer to how long JUUL pods last is “200 puffs”. That’s according to JUUL, which also advises that “individual vaping patterns may vary” — no two people are going to vape the same way or as frequently, for instance.

Is there a JUUL app?

JUUL App is only compatible for Android™ operating system. Android™ is a trademark of Google LLC.

What does white light on JUUL mean?

4 white lights indicate a full battery. 3 lights indicate 75% or less battery remaining. 2 lights indicate 50% or less battery remaining. 1 light indicates 25% or less battery remaining. 1 flashing red light indicates charging required.

Why isn t my JUUL device working?

If the connectors on your JUUL are dirty, a quick clean should resolve the issue right away. If the issue is caused by a burnt wick, this suggests there is air build-up in the liquid chamber, causing the cotton surrounding the coil to burn when heated.

Why is my JUUL device not turning on?

The first thing you should do if your JUUL doesn’t ‘hit’ or activate at all is to clean the connection points, as addressed previously. Use a cotton wool swab to do so, and be sure to clean all connection points – primarily those on the base of the pod and inside the slot where the pod goes.

How long does a JUUL take to charge?

about an hour

Your JUUL Device is charging when the LED lights pulse white. You’ll know your device is charged when the light stops pulsing and is solid green. It takes about an hour to fully charge your JUUL Device. You can charge a JUUL Device with a JUULpod inserted into the device, but it is not necessary.