How To Activate a Junior Revolut Card

How To Activate a Junior Revolut Card

What is Junior Revolut Card?

If you’re a Revolut customer, You may also have heard of the Revolut Junior account, now known as Revolut <18. Revolut Junior accounts can be used alongside a Revolut personal account for adults, to allow your children or teens to create and work towards savings goals, and spend easily with a Revolut Junior card.

How To Activate a Junior Revolut Card

To activate the card, your child will need to make a chip & PIN transaction in a shop or at an ATM. Once done, this will automatically activate the card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my junior Revolut card not working?

Make sure that you first check their account in your app, as you may find out what the problem is. For example, if contactless payments aren’t working, it’s likely the setting is disabled for their card. To check it, please open your child’s ‘<18 account’ in your Revolut app, select their card and tap on ‘Settings’.

How do I use Revolut Junior for the first time?

Start their journey together

  1. Get the app… Get your teens to download the <18 app and create an account. If they’re 15 or under, you’ll need to create their account from your Revolut app.
  2. Approve… We’ll ping you a notification to let you know it’s time to approve their account from your Revolut app.
  3. … And go!

How do I activate my Revolut card?

Go to the Cards tab in-app → select the card you want to activate → Activate now. Please only activate your card once it’s arrived. Make a chip & PIN transaction with your new card. Withdraw cash from an ATM using the card.

How does a junior Revolut card work?

If your child is 12 or under, you’ll need to create an account for them from your Revolut app. Payments to and from customers on Revolut <18 are only available to teens aged 13+ with parent or guardian approval. Revolut <18 is not a savings account and does not earn money.

How do I add money to Revolut Junior?

Add money to your child’s account instantly from your Revolut account and at no cost. ‘Home’ → tap the account selector below your balance → select ‘<18 account’ → ‘Add money’. Withdraw money from your child’s account at any time.

Can I withdraw money from Revolut Junior?

The Junior can view any transactions made on their Revolut Junior account using the Junior app. They will also be issued with a card linked to the account that they can use to spend and withdraw cash. Juniors cannot make or receive transfers using the Junior app.

Can you use Revolut Junior on your phone?

With Revolut Junior, both the adult and the Junior account holder can download either the regular Revolut app, or the Revolut <18 app, to view and manage transactions. Revolut <18 accounts come with a linked spending card you can use with Apple or Google Pay for convenient mobile payments.

Can Revolut Junior send money?

Revolut <18 Users (who meet the minimum age requirements and subject to the Lead Parent’s approval) can also make transfers to other Revolut <18 Users (who meet the minimum age requirements) by using the Revolut <18 app (“Revolut <18 Payments”).

How do I activate my Revolut card on my Iphone?

Open Cards section, by tapping the card icon in the top right. Select the card you wish to add. Click ‘Add to Apple Wallet’.

How much is Revolut Junior card?

The Revolut <18 card comes at no cost, but depending on your plan, we may charge you a delivery or customisation fee (and will tell you beforehand). If there’s a fee, it’ll be taken from your own balance and not your child’s.