How To Activate a Hop Card

How To Activate a Hop Card

What is a Hop Card?

The AT HOP card is an electronic fare payment card that was released in two versions on Auckland public transport services, beginning in May 2011. The smart card roll out was the first phase in the introduction of an integrated ticketing and fares system that was rolled out across the region.

How To Activate a Hop Card

  1. Create MyAT AT HOP online account.
  2. Open the email that has been sent to you and click on the activation link.
  3. Create your password.
  4. Log in and confirm your details.
  5. Click the “Register AT HOP card”.
  6. Under “Who is the card for?” select “Existing account” and select your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my hop card inactive?

If your HOP money balance falls below zero into a negative balance, your card, including any monthly or day pass loaded on the card will not work. You will need to clear the negative balance by topping up your card.

Can I use my hop card on my phone?

1 or newer, or Android 6 or newer. An Internet connection is required to create and manage your Hop account, but you can tap the Hop reader to pay without an Internet connection as long as you have been online recently. Android users: Google Pay 1.55 or above is required.

How do I check my hop card?

You cards must be registered to a MyAT HOP account to view your balance and transaction history.

  1. Log in to your MyAT account.
  2. Select “View all cards” to view your card balances.
  3. To view your transaction history, select a card and select the “Transactions” tab.

Does money on hop card expire?

Card balance expiry

Please note that your AT HOP card, and any value loaded on it, will expire if the card is not used, no refund is requested, the card is cancelled, or no HOP money or monthly pass value is loaded onto it for a continuous period of six years.

Can I reactivate a Cancelled hop card?

Check the box to confirm you know that cancelling this card cannot be undone and you wont be able to use it again. Select “Yes, cancel”. Your card will be cancelled. From here you can transfer any balance to a new card, or another registered card to your account.

Can someone else use my hop card?

You must not allow your Registered AT HOP card to be used by another person. If your Registered AT HOP card is found in the possession of a person other than yourself, we (and the Retail Agents and Public Transport Operators) reserve the right to retain that AT HOP card.

Can other people use my hop card?

If your blue AT HOP card has no discount concessions loaded, so that means the person you lend it to will be paying adult fares, then you can lend your card for someone to use. If your blue AT HOP card has discount concessions loaded, or is a gold AT HOP card then you cannot lend it to others to use.

Can I add my hop card to my wallet?

If you’re a new Hop user:

Tap “Get a Virtual Card Using Apple Pay” Choose a payment method (there’s a one-time $3 fee for new Hop cards) Tap “Add to Apple Wallet” then follow the on-screen instructions.

Can I check my hop card balance?

You cards must be registered to a MyAT HOP account to view your balance and transaction history. Log in to your MyAT account. Select “View all cards” to view your card balances. To view more information about the transaction, select “View details”.

When can I use my hop card?

Use your AT HOP card to tag on before you board your train, ferry or bus, then tag off when you finish your trip.