How To Activate a Halifax Card

How To Activate a Halifax Card

What is a Halifax Card?

Our Halifax Current Account allows you to manage your money 24/7, at home or on the go – a free everyday banking option.

How To Activate a Halifax Card

  1. Open our secure online form.
  2. Enter the credit card number, your date of birth and the credit card expiry date and then select Activate.
  3. All done – your card is now activated and ready to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my new debit card?

No matter where you bank, the process is similar. You can call the automated number on the card to activate it and set up your PIN number. Or, you can activate the card through your bank, by using it at an ATM, or by making a purchase anywhere Visa is accepted.

How can I get my card activated?

To activate your new credit card you’ll need the credit card number and your date of birth. You can either activate your card via online banking, mobile banking, phoning the card provider directly or in person at the nearest branch of your bank.

How do I use my Halifax card on my phone?

Mobile Banking app guide

  1. Sign in to our app and select Manage card on the bottom right. Then select Google Pay.
  2. Find the debit card you want to add. Then select Add to Google Pay.
  3. Confirm your debit card details and accept the terms and conditions.
  4. All done, you have added your card to Google Pay.

Do I need to activate my new Halifax debit card?

If you report your card as lost or stolen, or request a replacement card or a replacement PIN, you should receive your card or PIN within 5 working days. If your card is due to expire, we will issue you a new one before your old card expires. There is no need to activate the card.

Where is my Halifax activation code?

You’ll need an Digital Banking activation code when you register, re-register or open an account with us. We’ll send you your code by text message within a few minutes if you have a UK mobile number.

Is there a limit on Halifax debit card?

With a Halifax debit card you can withdraw up to £500 a day at an ATM, or more in-branch. Get cashback at most UK supermarket check-outs – up to £50 with a Halifax debit card. Easy payments. Set up one-off and regular payments from your Halifax bank account.

What is the phone number for Halifax activation card?

Just select one of the following options:

  1. Sign into Online Banking and use our replacement cards and PINs service by selecting it from Your account tools.
  2. Use our App and select the account action button (the 3 dotted icon) for your chosen account.
  3. Call us on 0345 944 4555 (Mon-Sun, 8am – 8pm).

How long does it take to receive Halifax card?

Mobile Banking app

You’ll receive your new card in 5 working days, depending on the type of card you have

Can I activate my card at any ATM?

You can conduct transactions at second- or third-party ATMs once your card is set up, but you have to go to one owned by your specific bank for the actual activation.

How much cash can I deposit Halifax?

Paying in cash using a paying-in slip

As paying-in slips are personalised, you must present your own slip with your cash. The maximum amount of cash you can pay in as a single deposit using your paying-in slip is £1,000. Paying-in slips can be ordered at a Halifax branch or over the telephone.