How To Activate a GTB Transfer Code

How To Activate a GTB Transfer Code

What is a Transfer Code?

An Auth-Code, also known as an EPP code, authorization code, transfer code, or Auth-Info Code, is a generated passcode required to transfer an Internet domain name between domain registrars; the code is intended to indicate that the domain name owner has authorized the transfer.

How To Activate a GTB Transfer Code

  1. Press/Enter the GT Bank USSD code which is *737#.
  2. On the prompt screen, Input “10”.
  3. Enter “2” for Create PIN – No Debit Card.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up transfer on GTBank?

GTBank account, simply dial*737*1* followed by the. amount to be transferred and the NUBAN account. number of the beneficiary, then your unique pin to. authenticate each transaction.

How do I register for GTB online transfer?

If you have not received your login details, please visit and click on the REGISTER button on the internet banking tab or dial *737*6*5# from your registered phone number with the bank.

What is the code for GTB mobile banking?

To get started, simply dial *737# on your mobile phone.

What is bank activation code?

You’ll need an Digital Banking activation code when you register or re-register for Digital Banking. It’s used to generate or reset your security number and password for your online access.

How do I get an activation code?

An activation code can be included with the software or sent to the user’s email address or device.

How do I change my activation code?

Select the Start button, and then select Settings > Update & Security > Activation . Select Change product key . Type in the product key found on the COA and follow the instructions.

Where do I find my activation code for my iPhone?

In an email sent by your carrier or in their app. The activation code is provided by them. Normally as a QR code. If transferring a SIM card from a previous iPhone the code should appear on screen of the new iPhone to confirm the transfer.

How do I fully activate my bank account?

Reactivating your bank account

  1. You must submit a written application to the bank. For joint accounts, signatures of all accountholders will be needed, irrespective of a single or joint operating mode.
  2. You will have to submit your KYC (Know Your Customer) documents.
  3. You have to do at least one financial transaction.

What is GTB 3 digit bank code?

Sort Codes of GTBank Branches in Nigeria


What is GTB bank transfer?

The Guaranty Trust Money Transfer service (GTMT) is designed to enable GTBank account holders in Nigeria receive funds from any GTBank subsidiary branch in East and West Africa.