How To Activate a Government Travel Card

How To Activate a Government Travel Card

What is Government Travel Card?

The Government Travel Charge Card Program (GTCC) provides travelers with a safe, effective, convenient, and commercially available method to pay for expenses associated with official travel.

How To Activate a Government Travel Card


You’ve probably heard of travel credit cards or travel rewards cards, but you may not be clear on how they work. These cards pay you points or miles for making both travel purchases and everyday purchases. Once you accumulate enough points or miles, you can redeem them for rewards like flights and hotel stays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you get charged for using a travel card?

Normal prepaid cards charge higher fees if you use them abroad. But travel prepaid cards are usually cheaper, and some don’t charge at all for foreign transactions or cash withdrawals, making them more affordable than most credit or debit cards.

What are the rules for the government travel charge card?

The Department of Commerce (DOC) policy is that government issue travel card be used to pay for ALL official travel expenses while on TDY/TAD if travel is five or more times in a year, unless exempt.. Personal use of the travel card or using the travel card to pay for someone else’s travel expenses is prohibited.

What is the cash advance limit for the government travel card?

Standard accounts are issued to individuals with a FICO credit score above 659. The default limits are $7,500 for credit, $250 for cash, and $250 for retail purchases.

What is the phone number for the government travel card?

Inside the U.S., simply call us toll-free at 1-800-790-7206, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year. Outside the U.S., call at +1-904-954-7850. We are here to answer your questions and provide the assistance you need. This guide presents basic procedures and rules for card usage.

How do I know if my DTS is approved?

Check document status by logging in to DTS. Go to “Official Travel” vouchers or authorization, and then look in the “Sort by Status” column. Or, go to the digital signature page within the document. If you can’t access to DTS, contact your Defense Travel Administrator (DTA) to check the status of your document.

Can I withdraw money from my travel card?

Yes you can. You can use any ATM that’s accepts Mastercard. Fees will apply for every cash withdrawal. These fees are detailed online or on your welcome letter.

How long does it take for DTS to pay out?

Once approved, the payment system will release the funds. Your voucher has been released for payment. Please allow 3-5 business days for your payment to be reflected in your account.

How long does a Travelcard last?

Travelcards can start on any day. They can be bought for 1 day, 7 days, 1 month and any period between 1 month and 1 year.