How To Activate a GoTV

How To Activate a GoTV

What is GoTV?

GOtv Africa is a pay television terrestrial service in sub-Saharan Africa owned by broadcaster MultiChoice and founded 2011. It mainly consists of African and international programming.

How To Activate a GoTV

  • Visit the GOtv website
  • Login with your surname and IUC number
  • Go to the self-service portal
  • Click on “Clear Error Code”
  • Enter your IUC number and choose GOtvE16
  • Click on “Clear Error” on the next screen
  • Then click on “Reset device now”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my GOtv subscription not working after payment?

Usually, you do not have to reset GOtv after payment manually. You need to pay your GOtv subscription with the decoder turned on, and everything should work fine. If you encounter errors E16 and E30, you must restart your decoder.

How can I watch GOtv on my phone?

Enter the GO TV app – watch your favourite channels on any device be it your mobile, tablet or browser, Android Smart TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, Samsung TV or LG TV. Download the app now.

What is the WhatsApp number for GOtv?

Save time and call charges – add our number +234 908 236 8533 on your mobile device, open WhatsApp and start your new chat with us by just saying ‘Hello’. Convenience means managing your GOtv account in the palm of your hand.

Why is my GOtv decoder not showing all channels?

First, it could be because your signal strength is weak or your decoder needs to be reset. Below are steps on how to search all channels on GOtv. Switch on your GOtv decoder and wait to complete the booting process. Press the help button to open the menu on your GOtv remote.

How do I download MyGOtv app?

GOtv account payment, upgrade your package, edit. your profile and more! MyGOtv app is available at the. Google Play and App Store.

What app can I use to watch GOtv?

Download the MyGOtv app and get value-added service. which allows an easy and convenient way to manage. your GOtv account. You can now manage your viewing.

What is MyGOtv app?

Description. The MyGOtv mobile app gives you complete control of your GOtv account in the palm of your hands. With MyGOtv it is easy to manage your account from the convenience of your own home.

What is the code for GOtv subscription in Ghana?

Pay your GOtv account using the USSD code *759# and. stand a chance of being rewarded with TWO MONTHS. of GOtv Max package. You can also check your due.

Why isn t MyGOtv app working?

Make sure your Wifi or Internet Connection is Smooth, you can also try several types of connections to make sure it’s not because of a problematic connection. This will refresh the app and may help resolve the issue. Open the Settings app on the device.