How To Activate a Gomo Roaming

How To Activate a Gomo Roaming

What is Gomo Roaming?

Your GoMo SIM allows you to roam like home in the EU, giving you the ability to use your calls, texts and a chunk of your data as if you were at home.

How To Activate a Gomo Roaming

– Go to Settings and tap “Cellular”. – Tap on your GoMoWorld GoPlan. – Ensure that “Data Roaming” is activated as shown below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use GoMo abroad?

1. To use data roaming overseas you will need a GOMO plan with bundled roaming data or a roaming add-on (“GOMO Roaming”), which can be purchased via the GOMO mobile application. 2. To purchase or activate GOMO roaming plan or add-ons, you will need a GOMO Mobile Plan registered under your personal NRIC.

How long does it take for GoMo to activate?

Your GOMO SIM Card will be automatically activated within 4 hours if you got a new number or within 4 working days if you are transferring from another telco.

When should I activate roaming?

For Postpaid data roaming promos, you can register at least 3 days before your trip. It will only activate upon arrival abroad.

What is the code for MTN roaming?

1. Check if you have Roaming service activated via USSD*135# & *136# option 5 for self-service and follow prompts, or at a MTN store or contact the call centre via 135. 2. Check if there is a Roaming partner in the country you are visiting.

How do I know if my phone is roaming?

You can usually tell when your phone is roaming, because instead of your usual network listed at the top of your phone, another network partnered with your carrier will be listed in its place.

How do I activate and deactivate roaming?

Just go to All Services and select the line that you want to enable roaming for, tap on Value Added Services, and check if the Roaming box is checked. Again, just check or uncheck the box to switch on or off International Roaming.

Why is my SIM card roaming?

When you purchase a SIM card in a certain state, you get registered in the network of that place. Now, let’s say you are travelling to a faraway city in another state. In such a scenario, when you are no longer in the state, you hop on to the network of another state. Therefore, your data roaming period begins.

How long does international roaming take to activate?

The pack gets activated only once you start using it in international roaming. For e.g. If you have opted for 10 days pack and during your visit abroad, there is no usage on your number, you will not be charged the pack rental.

Can GoMo receive SMS while overseas?

GOMO roaming feature provides data roaming only, so international incoming and outgoing talk time or SMS are not available, but you can receive international SMS.