How To Activate a Globe SIM

How To Activate a Globe SIM

What is Globe SIM?

If you’re traveling to other cities in the Philippines, Globe Prepaid SIMs and Prepaid Load Cards are available at over 800,000 retail partners nationwide.

How To Activate a Globe SIM

  • Activate your SIM by checking balance, sending a message, or turning your data.
  • Claim via the GlobeOne app or by texting FREE to 8080.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate a Globe SIM card without signal?

Try to restart your mobile phone by turning it off and on. 2. Try to switch off your mobile phone and remove the SIM and battery pack for about 30 seconds, then return it to refresh the network connection. 3. Make sure airplane mode is turned off.

Why is my Globe SIM not working?

Insert a different Globe SIM card to your own phone and check if it will get signal. If the other Globe SIM gets a signal, your SIM card may be defective and may be subject for replacement. If found defective, you can go to the nearest Store to replace your SIM. Don’t worry, your number will be retained.

Why is my new SIM not activated?

check your SIM card is inserted properly – find instructions in our device guides. clean your SIM with a lint-free cloth to remove any dust. get a PUK code if you’ve entered your PIN incorrectly too many times.

How do I know if my SIM card is activated?

The best way to see if the SIM is active would be to insert it into a device which has a compatible SIM card slot. The good news is inserting any older SIM card into a phone will not harm the phone in any way or change any of the settings.

Can I still activate my Globe SIM card?

Newly purchased SIMs may be registered anytime. But if your SIM was purchased before December 27, 2022 or before the implementation of the SIM Registration Act, you can no longer register your old SIM after July 30, 2023. Please acquire a new SIM and register again using this portal.

How long does it take for Globe SIM to activate?

Note: The SIM serial number should be clear and readable. The Globe store will activate the newly-issued SIM within 24 hours. For SIM cards that need to be replaced due to loss – activation is through the nearest Globe store.

Do I need to activate my new Globe SIM card?

If you have just bought a new SIM, you must register it to activate it and begin using it for call, text, and data services. All existing Globe Postpaid and Platinum account details are now included in the SIM Registration database for their convenience and in compliance with the SIM Registration Act.

How can I activate my inactive Globe SIM at home?

To reactivate your SIMs and restore full mobile services, customers have to connect to a WiFi network and complete their SIM registration via Globe’s dedicated platform at or through the GlobeOne app.

How can I know my Globe number?

If you do not have any load, you can use Globe’s Text mo Libre ko feature. To use this feature, simply send a text message to “2354” + another recipient with a Globe number. The recipient will then receive a text message coming from the sender’s number. From there, you can now know your SIM card number.

How do I know if my Globe SIM is successfully registered?

For prepaid customers, you should receive an SMS confirmation upon successful registration on your mobile phone if you’re a mobile customer, or on your modem dashboard if you’re a prepaid internet kit customer.