How To Activate a Ghin Number

How To Activate a Ghin Number

What is Ghin Number?

USGA GHIN (Golf Handicap and Information Network, pronounced “jin”) is a handicapping computational service provided by the USGA through authorized associations and clubs. A golfer must belong to a golf club to obtain a USGA Handicap Index after which they will get a GHIN Number.

How To Activate a Ghin Number

NCGA membership can take up to 24 hours to activate but are often activated sooner. Once active, you will be emailed your GHIN number within one hour of joining the NCGA. If you have joined through a course or club, you will be emailed your GHIN number once your club administrators have processed your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my GHIN number is inactive?

It depends on how long ago your membership was active. GHIN automatically deletes inactive GHIN numbers after three years. If it has been three years or longer, you will be assigned a new GHIN number.

Can I create a GHIN account online?

A: First, you must have an email address on file as an email will be sent to complete the digital profile creation process. You can initiate this email via the “Create Profile” button on the login page of or the GHIN Mobile App by verifying 2 of 3 pieces of information: Last Name, GHIN Number, Email Address.

How do I access my GHIN?

A: When creating a digital profile, you will set a password for your account. You will then log in to the GHIN Mobile App and with your email address or GHIN Number and the password that you created.

Is the GHIN number the same as the handicap ID?

If you are traveling or playing in an event where they are asking for your handicap number (i.e. GHIN number), this is the number you MUST give, as the tournament you are participating will be able to search your active Handicap Index® via your Handicap ID.

What is a GHIN membership?

The Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN) is a service offered by the USGA to golf associations worldwide. GHIN is one of the largest handicap management tools in the world, serving more than 2 million golfers and 15,000 golf clubs.

How do I start a handicap?

To start establishing an official USGA golf handicap, a player simply needs to record five rounds of 18 holes. Talk to the pro at your golf club, public golf facility, or join your state golf association to get access to handicap services that track your handicap.

How do I post a score on GHIN?

From your personal computer or laptop go on-line to: on the top of the page select Post Scores. The Score Posting page will appear. Under the words Identify Golfer, log in by typing in your GHIN number [numbers only] and your last name [small letters] in the blocks provided.

Does the GHIN app have GPS?

We integrated GPS within the GHIN Mobile App. This includes Course Maps that allow the user to get touch-point GPS distances to anywhere on the course and distance to the center of the green for thousands of courses worldwide.