How To Activate a Geoglyph

How To Activate a Geoglyph

What is Geoglyph?

A geoglyph is a large design or motif produced on the ground by durable elements of the landscape, such as stones, stone fragments, gravel, or earth. 

How To Activate a Geoglyph

Players have to look for the tear-shaped mark on each Geoglyph to interact with the relic, which may be tricky to find considering how large the formations can be.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you interact with Geoglyphs in Zelda?

Fix Impa’s balloon using Ultrahand, and take it into the air to get a good view of the Geoglyph. You’ll see one of the tear-shapes near the top of the Geoglyph is filled-in. Each Geoglyph has a full tear-shape, and landing at it and interacting with it will always result in a special cutscene.

How do I start Impa and the Geoglyphs?

Impa and the Geoglyphs Main Quest can be started by speaking with Cado at the New Serenne Stable in Hyrule Ridge, the area to the west of Hyrule Field. Cado will direct Link to find Impa up the road, investigating a massive marking on the ground (-1311, 0822, 0095).

What is the first geoglyph in Totk?

The first geoglyph you’ll find depicts Rauru. To get there, head to Sinakawak Shrine and New Serenne Stable, then head north.

What do I do with geoglyphs?

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Geoglyphs are an important facet of the campaign. They lead to cutscenes that show the backstory, supplementing what you’ll learn as you continue to explore the game world.

How do you activate geoglyphs in Tears of the Kingdom?

After players reach Hyrule’s surface, they must first talk to Cado and Impa at New Serenne Stable to activate the quest that allows Link to start finding Geoglyphs. Impa would explore to find all the Geoglyphs herself, but players will find her damaged balloon preventing any travel.

Where is the demon king Geoglyph tear?

Tear of the Dragon #8 is difficult to see because the lines blend in with snow in the blizzard. The Geoglyph is in the North Tabantha Snowfield, part of the Tabantha Tundra.

Where is the Geoglyph in the Forgotten Temple?

Continue deeper into the Forgotten Temple, past the gigantic Goddess Statue that has fallen over, and into the circular room. As you approach the ledge, you’ll see the geoglyph map on the floor below you.

What is a geoglyph in Totk?

updated Oct 11, 2023. Dragon’s Tears are pools filled with memories hidden somewhere in mysterious formations called Geoglyphs, figures which bear great resemblance to the real-life Nazca Lines. They get introduced to you very early, not long after you locate Lookout Landing.