How To Activate a Gas Card

How To Activate a Gas Card

What is Gas Card?

A fuel card or fleet card is used as a payment card most commonly for gasoline, diesel, and other fuels at gas stations. Fleet cards can also be used to pay for vehicle maintenance and expenses at the discretion of the fleet owner or manager. Most fuel cards are charge cards. 

How To Activate a Gas Card

You will need to register a new card to the meter before you purchase gas credit. This can be done by simply inserting the card into the meter before you hear a beep.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my new natural gas card?

Insert your card into the card slot in the gas card meter and leave it in the meter for at least 15 seconds. Remove the gascard and bring it to a Payzone outlet to purchase credit on the card (see next section).

How do I activate my boost gas card?

To register your new key and card, put them into the relevant meters for at least a minute. The gas card will beep to let you know when it’s registered. Now you’re ready to top up!

Why is my gas card saying card not accepted?

If the screen displays “Card Not Accepted”, wipe your card with a clean cloth and try again. Make sure you’re using the correct card for the meter. Remember, only one card can be registered to an individual meter at any one time.

How do prepaid gas cards work?

Unlike traditional gas cards, prepaid fuel cards are not credit cards. Instead, they are reloadable fuel cards that work like debit cards. After you select the number of prepaid gas cards that your employees need, you then deposit money onto each individual card using our app.

Can I activate my credit card at home?

You can visit the bank website or call the customer care of the bank to get more details. Can I activate credit card offline? Yes, you can always activate your credit card offline. This can be done by calling the bank’s customer care or by visiting a branch of the bank.

Can I activate my credit card on my phone?

Activate your card on the phone by finding the phone number on the card or in the card’s paperwork. Then, dial the number. Be ready to enter your credit card number, your account number, and the security code on the back of the card. Or, visit the website on your credit card or inside the paperwork.

How do I know if my credit card is activated?

Call customer service: You can call the phone number on the back of your credit card to reach customer service. You’ll be able to check the status of your card and, if it is deactivated, you can ask about reactivation. Make a purchase: Another way to check if a card is active is to try and use it to make a purchase.

What gas card can be used anywhere?

Wherever you operate, the Voyager gas card has you covered. Maximize savings with your choice of nearly all major gas station and truck stop brands in the U.S., including independent stations. And no transaction fees when you use the card.

Are gas cards good?

Gas credit cards, such as those offered by Shell or ExxonMobil, typically offer 5 cents to 10 cents off per gallon of gas. So filling up a 15-gallon tank could shave as much as $1.50 off the total. But regular cash-back credit cards could save you even more.