How To Activate a Game on Ubisoft Connect

How To Activate a Game on Ubisoft Connect

What is Ubisoft Connect?

Ubisoft Connect is a digital distribution, digital rights management, multiplayer and communications service developed by Massive Entertainment to provide an experience similar to the achievements/trophies offered by various other game companies. The service is provided across various platforms.

How To Activate a Game on Ubisoft Connect

Open Ubisoft Connect PC. If you do not currently have a Ubisoft account, you will need to create one. Select the three lines icon in the top left corner of the application. Choose Activate a key.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim a game on Ubisoft connect?

To claim a game: • Open the Xbox app for Windows PC and go to the page of the game you want to claim. Select Install. If Ubisoft Connect is not currently installed on your system, you will be prompted to download it. In the Ubisoft Connect pop-up, log into the Ubisoft account you want to claim the game on.

Where is the activation code for Ubisoft Games?

Inside your Account Information page, pick My Games. Here you can see a list of the games you own on your account. Find the game that you need and then select Show Key. You can easily copy and paste the key using the buttons displayed.

How do I use Ubisoft connect in game?

The Ubisoft Connect PC overlay allows you to access some Ubisoft Connect functions, such as your friends list or the chat, while in-game. By default, you can open the overlay while a game is running by pressing shift and F2 on your keyboard.

Why is my game not in Ubisoft connect?

If the game has been redeemed on another Ubisoft account, it will not appear in your current account’s library. If you have another Ubisoft account, use it to log into Ubisoft Connect PC and check whether the game appears in that account’s library.

Why is Ubisoft asking for activation code?

If you are asked to provide a game key in either Ubisoft Connect PC or Steam, this could mean that the game had been redeemed on a different Ubisoft or Steam account than the one you are currently using. When you launch a Ubisoft game via Steam, Ubisoft Connect PC will be launched automatically alongside the game.

How do I claim Ubisoft?

Select the Wallet icon in the top right of the screen to open the management page. Locate the Your Rewards section. Select Unlock this Rewards. Ubisoft Wallet Rewards are automatically applied to eligible purchases the next time you buy something in the Ubisoft Store.

Why won’t my Ubisoft activation code work?

The “CD Key or Activation Code already in use” error message occurs if the key you are trying to activate has already been used on another Ubisoft account. All keys and content codes can only be redeemed once. If you encounter this error, please contact the retailer you purchased the key from.

Are games free on Ubisoft?

There’s no price like free! Explore our collection of free games. Download and play today!