How To Activate a Fort of Fortune

How To Activate a Fort of Fortune

What is Fort of Fortune?

The Fort of Fortune Key is a round, black Key that opens the Fort of Fortune Vault. Rather than the typical skull found embossed on the Stronghold Key or Fort of the Damned Key, this Key features the Legendary Mark, commonly used by Athena’s Fortune Trading Company.

How To Activate a Fort of Fortune

The Ashen Lord will act similar to their Ashen Winds battle, with the difference of the inability to perform the Boulder Throw attack. Once the Ashen Lord is defeated, the raid is complete. The Ashen Lord will drop its usual Ashen Winds Skull and the Fort of Fortune Key to open the Fort’s stronghold vault.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to do with Fort of Fortune Key?

The vault under the fort’s stronghold can be unlocked using a Fort of Fortune Key dropped by the Ashen Lord in the final wave of the Fort of Fortune encounter.

How long does a Fort of Fortune last?

The Fort of Fortune lasts 18 Waves, with common skeletons (in bone, shadow, gold, and plant varieties) spawning throughout.

How do you activate the lost gold fortress in Sea of Thieves?

There needs to be a Skull Cloud above the fort for it to be active. There can only be one fort active at a time so look for the cloud and head for that.

How do I get a fort key?

To get the Fortress Treasury Key, you’ll need to defeat a Captain of the Fortress. Upon defeat, a Captain of the Fortress will drop a Fortress Treasury Key. You can only find a Captain of the Fortress on the eighth and final wave of an active Sea Fort. There are six different Sea Forts across the Sea of Thieves.

How do you know if Fort of Fortune is active?

When a Fort of Fortune first spawns, a loud, booming horn-like tune plays across the world as its signature red scarred skull cloud appears in the sky above the Fort.

Can you bury a Fort of Fortune Key?

The Key can be Harpooned. The Key cannot be sold. The Key cannot be buried.

What are the changes in the Fort of Fortune?

You can expect to find more fruit in barrels during your fight at the Fort of Fortune. You’ll also find an extra Ammo Crate and Weapon Chests around the fort to use. Another change with how the fort itself works is the Cannon Skeletons will no longer respawn if your crew gets wiped out.

How long does it take to solo a Fort of Fortune?

With a few Tridents of Dark Tide, you could be done FoF in 30 minutes as a duo. If ye come prepared with an Ashen Winds Skull and two Tridents, ye can complete the event within 30 minutes Solo.

How much money do you get from a Fort of the Damned?

Clearing it TEN times earns Banishing the Damned, +10 Doubloons, and unlocks the ‘Jacket of the Damned’ in the Clothing shops. Clearing it 25 times gets +25 Doubloons, and clearing it FIFTY times earns you +50 Doubloons and the “Raider of the Damned” Title. This adds an additional 95 Doubloons Total.

How do you trigger a lost gold fort?

While normally dormant, a Fortress will occasionally appear with a large skull cloud hovering above it, visible from a distance. This will happen approximately three hours after the last raid on the same server has been completed, however sometimes this will occur much earlier than that.