How To Activate a Fireangel Smoke Alarm

How To Activate a Fireangel Smoke Alarm

What is Fireangel Smoke Alarm?

FireAngel smoke alarms are made by one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of fire safety equipment, they are essential in any domestic dwelling or workplace. Early detection of smoke can help to prevent inhalation and suffocation. In the presence of smoke, the alarm will sound until switched off.

How To Activate a Fireangel Smoke Alarm

Press the test button in the centre and release . Once the smoke alarm has been fitted onto the base plate correctly, the internal power pack will activate . The red LED on the front of the alarm should now flash once every 40 seconds to show that it is active .

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a smoke alarm activated?

Smoke alarms detect fires by sensing small particles in the air using a couple of different kinds of technologies. Once they detect those particles above a certain level, they signal the alarm to sound so that you and your family can get to safety and call 911.

How do I know if my FireAngel smoke alarm is working?

The easiest way to check your alarm is working is by pressing the central test button on the unit. If the unit emits the test sound when you press this button, you know it is working as it should.

How do I reset my FireAngel smoke alarm?

In the event of a known false alarm your smoke alarm can be temporarily silenced by pressing the central test button. Your alarm will automatically return to full sensitivity within 10 minutes.

How does a FireAngel work?

How does FireAngel Thermistek heat sensing technology work? The heat alarm has a unique radiant heat dish which reflects directional heat from the fire onto the thermistor allowing a faster reaction to fire than conventional heat alarms. It also constantly monitors for temperature change using a predictive algorithm.

Why does my Fireangel smoke alarm keep going off?

A common cause of nuisance alarms can be triggered by the incorrect positioning of alarms. For maximum protection, check that your smoke, heat and CO alarms are correctly positioned. Fit in all rooms where the temperature is normally between 4°C (40°F) and 38°C (100°F) e.g bedrooms, landings, hallways and living rooms.

Why is my smoke detector going off but no smoke?

There can be a few factors at play here. A low battery can be responsible as the smoke detector is alerting you that it’s time for a replacement. It can also be caused by batteries being placed incorrectly in the alarm. Another common reason is when the battery drawer is left slightly open.

How long do FireAngel smoke alarms last?

10 Year Lifetime Battery

Either FireAngel’s FA6620‑R or FA6615‑R smoke alarms can replace your end of life ST‑620 without requiring a new base plate or leaving unsightly holes in your ceiling. The fastest response to all fire types.

What are the lights on the FireAngel smoke alarm?

The red LED on the front of the alarm will flash once every 8 seconds to show that it is in Silence mode. The alarm will sound continuously and the red LED will flash every second when the alarm senses smoke.

Do FireAngel smoke alarms have batteries?

The unit is provided with 2 x AA batteries which will last five years and can then be replaced. For a decade of protection look for our range for FireAngel Smoke Alarms with a sealed, lifetime battery which will protect you for 10 years.

Why is my FireAngel beeping red light?

FireAngel smoke and heat alarms check their sensor and circuitry up to 8,500 times per day and if these are found to be incorrect, or if the batteries are low, the detector will emit a single chirp once per minute for 30 days. If the red LED flashes at a separate time from the chirp, a fault is indicated.