How To Activate a Fido SIM Card

How To Activate a Fido SIM Card

What is Fido SIM Card?

A FIDO (Fast Identity Online) SIM card is a SIM card that contains a secure chip for storing and processing credentials, such as a digital certificate or private key, used for secure online authentication.

How To Activate a Fido SIM Card

If you have a new SIM card, you can update it in your online account on our website. Otherwise, if you’re looking to activate a new line, you can either do it on, by contacting our customer service or directly in one of our stores!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Fido SIM card not working?

In the majority of cases an error like this can be related to one of two things. It can either be that your SIM card is defective and isn’t being read properly or it can be the device that is defective and isn’t reading the SIM card correctly. If it’s the SIM then the fix is easy as we can just swap it for a new one.

How do I connect to Fido network?

Insert your Fido SIM card and turn the device on. When asked to activate the device, follow the wizard on the screen to complete the activation. Activation can be done over Wi-Fi (depending on your software version) or by connecting to your computer and using iTunes.

How to get free data on Fido?

From the Fido My Account app, click on the 5 Extra Hours of Data banner, and start a session by simply shaking your phone for 3 seconds.

Does Fido do unlimited data?


New customers save $15/mo for 12 months on Fido Home Internet. That’s up to $180 in savings. This deal comes with unlimited data and Fido XTRA perks!

Is Fido SIM card free?

The SIM card and shipping fee are both free. We have got you covered! Once you insert your SIM card upon your arrival in Canada, your plan will begin, and you will be able to avail the services included in your plan. Billing will start after your month of using the service.

Can I buy data in Fido?

Yes, you can purchase a Monthly Data Add-on anytime, even after you have gone into overage. However, keep in mind that any data overage charges incurred before purchasing this add-on will remain on your account, so it is best to purchase the add-on before you go into overage.

Is Fido 4G or 5G?

4G LTE NETWORK. Fido’s network is stronger than ever so you can call, text, or stream with coverage that keeps up with you!

How much is Fido SIM card?


Welcome to the community and to Fido as well! The SIM card is indeed $10 plus taxes.

What is the SIM card code for Fido?

The default PIN for the fido sim card is 3436. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help with. If you didn’t change it it might be 3436 (Fido) if it was a phone from fido.

What documents required for Fido SIM card?

Here is a list of accepted IDs:

  • Driver’s License.
  • Canadian Passport.
  • Provincial ID or Age of Majority Card.
  • Citizenship Card.
  • Native Status Card.
  • Senior Citizens Card.
  • Armed Forces ID.