How To Activate a ee Sim Card

How To Activate a ee Sim Card

What is ee Sim Card?

With a SIM only plan, you supply the phone or tablet and we supply the network. So, you get all the benefits of being an EE customer but can save money by not having to buy a new device.

How To Activate a ee Sim Card

  1. pop the SIM into your device.
  2. activate your new SIM. you only need to do this if you’ve upgraded and been sent a new SIM, or ordered a new one because your old one no longer fitted your device.
  3. wait for a signal and the EE symbol to appear on your screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my new SIM card?

Usually, you’ll have to enter the phone number or SIM card number. After that, you may get a message with further instructions. And some SIM’s take up to 24 hours to activate, though this is rare. Typically, to activate your SIM card you just need to insert the correct sized SIM into your phone.

Can I activate EE SIM abroad?

Sorry, you can’t activate an EE SIM when roaming. You’d need to be able to connect to the EE network in the UK.

Why is my EE SIM not working?

check your SIM card is inserted properly – find instructions in our device guides. clean your SIM with a lint-free cloth to remove any dust. get a PUK code if you’ve entered your PIN incorrectly too many times. fill in our form to order a new SIM.

How do I reactivate my EE SIM card?

To restore your service you need to make a credit or debit payment:

  1. log in to EE – select Bills & Payments, then Make a payment.
  2. contact our automated service – you’ll be diverted to this service when trying to make a call after being suspended. …
  3. call 150 from your EE phone or 07953 966 250 from any other phone.

How long does it take to activate a EE SIM card?

Activating an EE SIM card

Choose whether you’re activating a SIM card or eSIM and EE will do the rest. EE says network connection can take up to 24 hours but that it’s usually a lot faster. If you’re replacing a lost or stolen SIM, it should already be activated, so you won’t need to go through this process.

What is the SIM PIN for EE?

The default SIM PIN is 1111. To change this: go to our Device Guides and select your device. select Basic Functions.

Is EE an international SIM?

See for countries. SIM includes Call Abroad add-on: lower call rates from the UK to 72 countries. We can remove or change the countries included in the pack or change the pricing at any time.

Can I activate a SIM card abroad?

If you’ve got a new Pay As You Go SIM, make sure you activate the SIM before you go away. You can’t activate it while abroad. You can find everything you need to know about setting up your phone for roaming here. Check out some more useful things to know about using your phone abroad below.

Why is my EE SIM card saying no SIM?

You might have a faulty SIM card so you’ll need to request a replacement SIM card. This can be done by calling customer services or by going to a EE store with photo ID.

Do EE SIM cards expire?

@geojay23 : EE PAYG/Prepaid SIMs are deactivated after 6 months of non-chargeable use. You then have a further 3 months to call EE to reactivate it before it is lost completely.