How To Activate a DSTV Decoder

How To Activate a DSTV Decoder

What is DSTV Decoder?

Decoders. A DStv Decoder is your key to unlocking a world of entertainment. The DStv Explora offers subscribers the viewing pleasure to record as well as access Catch Up, Showmax and Box Office. The HD Decoder is a single view decoder aimed at providing an affordable device that supports HD and XtraView.

How To Activate a DSTV Decoder

  1. Make sure you have checked your DStv smart card or IUC number.
  2. Write down the decoder serial number.
  3. Now, switch on your DStv decoder.
  4. Scan your DStv decoder to get all the channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate DStv after installation?

If your installation is done by a DStv Accredited Installer, they will activate your decoder for you with your selected package. If your installation is not done by a DStv Accredited Installer, please contact your nearest call centre to add this decoder onto your account and to activate it with your selected package.

How do I reactivate my DStv decoder?

How do I reconnect? You can use any of the normal ways to reconnect your package, including downloading the MyDStv App or by clicking or WhatsApp “Hello” to 0600603788.

How long does it take to activate DStv?

DStv on X: “We automatically reconnect you within an hour of receiving your DStv payment. Dial *120*68584# to clear E16 errors.” / X.

What is the phone number for DStv activation?

Call us on 083 900 3788 or 011 289 2222 without having to speak to an agent. When calling, you will be asked to provide your ID number or Smartcard number in order for our systems to identify you to make sure we provide you with the right information through our automated system. Value-added service (VAS) rates apply.

What is DStv self service?

With the MyDStv App, you can pay bills, check your balance, change packages, fix errors and even rent movies. Plus, you can use the DStv Self service website from your phone, tablet or computer to clear error messages, update details and manage payments with ease.

Can I install DStv myself?

You need the following hardware:

  • DStv Decoder.
  • DStv approved Satellite dish.
  • Wall bracket.
  • Coax cable.
  • Various connectors.
  • DStv approved LNB for the specific type of installation.
  • Fasteners, Cable ties, Amalgamated tape.

What is the code for DStv recharge?

Dial *389*00# with phone number registered with the nominated Bank to receive an OTP. Input the OTP in the space provided and click PAY.

Can I use DStv Internet on my phone?

You can then link your devices (laptop, phone, Smart TV and more) to the hotspot to enjoy DStv Internet.

How do I activate DStv Multichoice?

DStv does not allow customers to create an account or activate their decoders Online. Therefore, you must contact DStv customer care for account creation and decoder activation.

How do I reset my DStv?

How to reset your DStv decoder

  1. Press the blue “DStv button” on your remote control.
  2. Then use the right arrow on the remote control to go to “Settings“.
  3. Use the down arrow to go to “System Settings“.
  4. Now use the right arrow to go to the next menu and select “Reset Decoder Settings“