How To Activate a Axis Bank Credit Card

How To Activate a Axis Bank Credit Card

What is Axis Bank Credit Card?

A credit card is a payment card that allows you to borrow money to pay for goods and services. Axis Bank offers a wide range of credit cards, including lifestyle cards, travel cards, and business cards.

How To Activate a Axis Bank Credit Card

  1. Insert your Axis Bank credit card.
  2. Select ‘Set PIN’
  3. Click on ‘generate OTP’
  4. Enter the required details: Date of birth, Card expiry, and registered Mobile number.
  5. Type in the received OTP.
  6. On the next screen set up the new PIN then reconfirm the PIN.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my new credit card?

How do I activate a new credit card? To activate your new credit card you’ll need the credit card number and your date of birth. You can either activate your card via online banking, mobile banking, phoning the card provider directly or in person at the nearest branch of your bank.

How to use Axis Bank credit card first time?

The step by step process is as given below: Step 1: Insert your Axis Bank Credit Card and select “Set PIN” Option on the screen. For first time users the ATM screen will display another screen displaying “Generate OTP” option. Step 2: Enter Date of Birth (YYYYMMDD), Card Expiry (MMYY) and registered mobile number.

How can I check my Axis credit card activation status?

You need to visit the official website of Axis Bank and go the credit cards section. You need to enter the mobile number that you registered for credit card application. The mobile number may be verified mostly with an OTP. Following the verification, you can see your credit card application status.

What is the easiest way to activate a credit card?

Call the number on the card

Look for a sticker on your credit card that contains instructions on how to activate your card. There will be an option for activating your card over the phone by dialing a toll-free number and following instructions from an automated voice operator.

Do credit cards activate immediately?

How Long After I Activate My Credit Card Do I Have to Wait Before Using It? In most cases, after a new credit card has been activated it will be ready to use for purchases immediately.

How can I activate my Axis credit card by SMS?

The Customer needs to send a request of an OTP through his registered mobile number. The SMS request would be as PREOTP XXXX (last 4 digits of your card number) to 5676798. OTP validity is 30 minutes per transaction, once the customer receives the OTP, he can login the shopping website and choose the Pre-OTP option.

How to activate Axis Bank credit card for first time online?

Steps to activate Axis Bank Credit Card. Step 1: Visit or Call 18604195555 to activate Online/ E-commerce transactions on your card. Step 2: Once enabled, make a Re. 1 refundable transaction to have hassle free experience and enjoy exciting offers & benefits on your card!

What happens if I don’t activate my Axis credit card?

If you do not activate your card, your credit card will be closed by your issuer and you cannot use it for any kind of transactions. Therefore, even if your card comes with an annual fee, you do not have to pay it as your account will be closed.

What is the call number for Axis Bank credit card activation?

In case the call gets disconnected, call Axis Bank Customer Care again at 1860 419 5555 / 1860 500 5555 and follow the above steps. Your one time activation code will be valid for 3 hours or one time usage whichever is earlier.

How long does a credit card activation take?

Activate your new card

Once your new card is in hand, activation takes just minutes.