How To Activate a Account as Primary

How To Activate a Account as Primary

What is Primary?

Something that stands first in rank, importance, or value : fundamental. usually used in plural. 2. : the celestial body around which one or more other celestial bodies revolve.

How To Activate a Account as Primary

Go to Settings > Account Management > Activate as Your Primary PlayStation 4.
Select Activate.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I activate my primary PS4 account?

The PS4™ system you use to sign in to PlayStation™Network for the first time is automatically activated as your primary PS4™ system. To activate your system after you first sign in, select (Settings) > [Account Management] > [Activate as Your Primary PS4] > [Activate].

Can you have 2 accounts activated as primary on PS4?

No, each PS4 device only supports one primary account. So if you buy games on that account and make a side-account, it registers into the side-account aswell (That is, until you change the Primary Account into a different account.)

How do I know which account is primary?

The easiest way to tell is to check your statement in online banking under Statements or on the printed copy of your statement. The name listed first is the primary account owner.

How many accounts can activate as primary?

How to activate a primary PS4 console. Each player can have one PS4 console activated as the primary PS4 console for their account.

Why can I not activate PS4 as primary?

You may have activated a primary PS4 console too many times in a short period. If this error occurred after selecting Activate as Your Primary PS4 multiple times, please try again after a while.

How do I deactivate my primary PS4 if its broken?

How to deactivate a PlayStation console

  1. Go to Settings > Account Management > Activate as Your Primary PS4.
  2. Select Deactivate > Yes.

What happens if I deactivate my PS4 as primary?

PlayStation 4

You won’t be able to use some PS+ features such as cloud save uploading. Some other stuff too. It’ll tell you everything. Also if PSN goes down you MIGHT have trouble playing things you bought digitally.

Can two people have the same primary console?

Please note that you can register one primary console per Nintendo Account. Once you’ve registered a primary console, your digital purchases can be played by anyone that uses the primary console.

How do I make my PlayStation account secondary?

Create a new Local User account on the PlayStation 4 and go to [Settings] > [PlayStation Network] > [Sign in]. Note that system parental control settings may restrict this option. Sign-in to your SEN account. Select ‘No’ when you are asked if you want to activate this PlayStation system as your ‘Primary PS4’.

Can you have an account activated as primary on PS4 and PS5?

Yes, you can use the same PlayStation Network (PSN) account on a PS4 and a PS5. Your PSN account is tied to your account information, including your gamer tag, your friends list, and your purchase history, and not to a specific console.