How To Acquire Barcodes

How To Acquire Barcodes

What is To Acquire Barcodes?

Obtaining and implementing UPC barcodes for your products is an easy five-step process: Step 1: Estimate how many barcodes your company needs. Step 2: Apply at & license a U.P.C Company Prefix /GTINs. Step 3: Utilize your GTIN. cloud® to assign unique product numbers.

How To Acquire Barcodes

  1. Step 1: Figure out how many of your products require UPCs, GTINs, or EANs.
  2. Step 2: Create an account through GS1 and register for a company prefix.
  3. Step 3: Obtain GTINs for each product.
  4. Step 4: Generate, store, and print your barcodes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to buy a barcode?

Barcodes range in price depending on what kind of barcode you would like and how many different barcodes you require. If you require the barcode images to be created only (i.e. you already have a barcode number), then the price starts at $20 USD for one and drops to $10 USD each for four or more.

Can you purchase barcodes?

You can purchase and download a barcode after you’ve created an account at You can store your barcodes for future use at Please make sure you enter the correct price on the barcode. Once the barcode is generated the price cannot be changed.

How do I get a barcode for my business?

A step-by-step guide to implementing a barcode system

  1. Choose a barcode type. There are two main types of barcodes: linear (or 1D) and 2D.
  2. Choose a barcode symbology.
  3. Get a barcode scanner.
  4. Generate your barcodes.
  5. Print your barcodes.
  6. Test your barcodes.
  7. Apply your barcodes.
  8. Track your barcodes.

Who owns a barcode?

This means that each product has its own unique barcode. Where a barcode is obtained from GS1, it is held under the terms of a licence. Therefore, the company using the barcode is not itself the owner of the barcode, but instead a licensee. The barcode can only be used in accordance with the licence.

How do I start a barcode product?

Before a company can begin using barcodes, they must first assign the numbers that go inside the barcode, called GS1 Identification Keys. The first step in assigning a GS1 Identification Key is to obtain a GS1 Company Prefix from a GS1 Member Organisation.

Why do people buy barcodes?

Needless to mention, UPCs have several benefits, such as: They help sellers and buyers quickly identify each product and catalog it accordingly. UPC codes streamline inventory management and tracking. It becomes easy to track products/consignments when they are in transit during shipping.

Can I sell product without barcode?

If you are selling on your website or your own store, yes, you can forego the barcode. A SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) number is a part number and is different than the UPC or EAN. If you are managing inventory with an inventory management program, it’s simply a good idea.

Do small businesses need barcodes?

Unless you’re selling in a retail market (and by that we mean “big box stores” like WalMart and Target), barcodes are completely optional. You might consider implementing a barcode system into your small business if: You run a product-based business. You manage a lot of inventory.

Are barcodes free?

You can generate a barcode using a web based tool like our barcode generator on this page for free.

How do I create a barcode account?

Creating Username and Password Barcodes for Scanners

  1. Go to the barcode generator site.
  2. Complete the following: a. Data to Encode: Copy and paste [USER_NAME]~009[PASSWORD]~013 into the text editor. i. Replace [USER_NAME] with the actual username. ii.
  3. For every additional username/password, repeat the process from Step 2.

Do barcodes have to be registered?

Barcode registration on the International Barcodes Database is optional. However, it will increase the profile of your product on the internet.