By | July 28, 2023

How to Abbreviate Continued

The abbreviation for “continued” is “cont.” or “contd.” Both abbreviations are commonly used to indicate that a particular piece of text, such as a title or a section, is continued from a previous part.

For example:

  • Section 2 cont.
  • Continued on page 3 contd.
  • Part II cont.

Both “cont.” and “contd.” are accepted abbreviations, and you can choose the one that you find more suitable for your writing style or the specific context in which you are using it. However, “contd.” is a bit more traditional, while “cont.” is commonly used in modern writing. Remember to use these abbreviations sparingly and only when necessary for brevity or space constraints. In formal writing or academic papers, it’s generally best to spell out “continued” for clarity.